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Chauffeur services come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know what to look for when it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff.

At minimum, you should expect a chauffeur service to make travelling from a to b simple and stress-free.  However, if you expect a little more, we suggest looking for a business that can tick the boxes listed below to offer a first-rate, high-quality chauffeur service.


First class communication

Travel plans don’t always run smoothly, and if you are running late or your plans change, it is more important than ever that the chauffeur service you’ve chosen is professional, flexible, unflappable and easy to contact.  At Driven Worldwide we ensure that your calls are always picked up first time, even if your chauffeur is not available to answer his phone.  If your chauffeur can’t take your call, someone from our project management team will pick up your call no matter what the time of the night or day using our ChauffeurCall telephone system.



Whether you’re travelling to a business meeting or to the airport, if you book a chauffeur service then you expect to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, unruffled, refreshed and ready for whatever the day throws at you next, so a comfortable ride is essential.


Professional vehicle

Travelling in style is all part of the appeal of a chauffeur service.  A first-class service will offer vehicles that aren’t only practical for the job and comfortable for passengers, but that also look the part and are clean and well maintained too.


Experienced chauffeurs

As important as comfort and style are, it’s often the people that make or break a service, so a high-quality chauffeur service always invests in the most experienced and professional drivers.  At Driven Worldwide we ensure that you are always dealing with chauffeurs who have expert local knowledge of the area you are travelling within.  This means that not only will they know the best shortcuts and places to park to make your travel time quicker and more efficient, but they can also help with local recommendations.


Specialist services

A high-quality chauffeur service will be able to adapt their service to suit your particular set of requirements.  At Driven Worldwide we offer different vehicle types for different needs, as well as a range of specialist professional services like conference transportation, high security travel and managed projects for more complex journeys.


Established company

Choosing a well-established chauffeur company can be a safer bet than opting for a brand new business.  Established companies that have been around a long time have withstood the test of time and had plenty of time to grow and improve on the service that they offer.


At Driven Worldwide we are an established and award-winning chauffeur company operating in over 1,500 locations around the world, you can count on us to offer you a high-quality service every time. To receive a free quote for your journey give us a call on 020 3848 5102.

So you’re managing a high profile event.

You trust your team to deliver excellence, after all you trained them yourself. But there are some things they can’t do, like providing a chauffeured car service for your 50 incoming VIP guests.

Get this wrong and your event is sunk before it’s even started. So you need to choose your car service provider very, very carefully.

Here are our six top tips for avoiding career-shortening disappointment:


1. Engage your car company early

Choose early and right and your car company can do much of the hard work for you, starting with a site recce. They will view a site differently to you, especially if you’re planning to use coaches, and can also establish:

  • Travel times and contingencies
  • Parking and staging areas
  • Vehicle loading and call down

2. Agree how bookings will be made and confirmed

Do you want to coordinate all the transport arrangements or prefer delegates to book directly with the car company? There are pros and cons to both, so choose a company that can provide a reliable booking system and then discuss with them which is preferable for your event. If you go with the company, they should appoint a project manager to take responsibility for all live bookings, with experienced back up when they’re not available.

No matter how well planned your event will be, there will be changes, so ensure your car company has the infrastructure in place to support these and keep track of what is booked for whom and when.

3. Agree the service levels available to your delegates

Getting your delegates to engage directly with the car service can make a lot of logistical sense, as long as everyone is absolutely clear about the level of service being provided. Otherwise, watch your costs spiral out of control. Discuss budgets early with the car company, agree what’s in and what’s out and minimise the options on offer to delegates. Even so, the company should also calculate a budget contingency to deal with unexpected requirements.

4. Control the variables at your live event

As soon as delegates start travelling to your event, things can sometimes get interesting because of issues beyond your control. Your car company must be monitoring the situation constantly and reacting appropriately. It’s important to have contingencies in place if roads are closed. Drivers need to be held back in the case of airport delays until they know when the flight will land.

These can be fluid situations, so you must have confidence in the on-site car company staff to resolve them effectively. Agree in advance who is responsible for what actions and the lines of reporting. Make sure you understand the capabilities and limitations of their technology. A reputable car company will be able to interact with their booking system on-site and so fully manage cars and passengers during the event.

5. Invoicing

In many cases, especially for event agencies, quick and clear invoicing is vital, post-event. Agree timelines beforehand and make your car company aware of any additional information to be included (e.g. cost centre, budget reference number), so this can also be referenced at the booking and confirmation stages

6. Post-event review

A common mistake is to only hold post-event reviews when there’s been a problem. They’re equally important if the occasion has gone well, and that’s not about getting a free lunch. Your car company will have learned a great deal about how to manage your events and can give you pointers on how to improve arrangements in future. It is also a chance to build the relationship if you need cars regularly.

How do we know all this? Because Driven has over 17 years’ experience of providing cars for all kinds of events, large and small. If you’re planning an event and want to talk about ground transport and logistics, just get in touch.

When executives flew in from various corners of the world for a six day board meeting we were waiting for them. Ricky Cannon, one of our most experienced senior client relationship managers, coordinated more than 50 journeys moving their VIPs smoothly between meeting venues and their hotels over six days.
As Mike Bell, CEO points out "Ensuring that a service runs smoothly and as scheduled is easy if you’re only doing one thing, but as usual, Ricky was managing multiple projects and events all of which went without a hitch".

The client was happy too and dropped us a note to say so...
"Thank you so much for all your assistance the last couple of weeks. Your professionalism and attention to detail really made my life 100 times easier"