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Networking is a business essential, yet some people still don’t value the concept. They don’t realise how many opportunities can be gained from meeting like-minded business professionals. The reality is that this is an easy and effective way of increasing your company's success.

It’s not unusual for networking to happen across cities, countries and even continents. They call these ‘financial roadshows’. These are meetings across different locations whereby top executives have the chance to talk to current and potential investors. These can be short city visits, a continent-wide marathon, or a month-long trip visiting financial centres around the world.

When it comes to networking, 1 in 4 business professionals don't currently network at all. A report by Virgin also revealed that almost 95% of people agreed that face-to-face meetings are vital for long-term business relationships. The average company would lose 17% of its profits if it eliminated business travel. Taking all this on board, we took a look at the five reasons why you should be on board with financial roadshows.


1. You can secure new investors

One of the main reasons why businessmen and women organise financial roadshows is to gain new investors. From business breakfasts to trade shows, this kind of networking allows you to introduce yourself to potential investors in a professional environment. According to Virgin, 85% of businesspeople believe an in-person meeting builds stronger, more meaningful business relationships.


2. You can find new business partners


Financial roadshows are not just a way to gain new investors. Through building connections, you could discover new business partners. Not only does it open up new doors for you and them, but it also offers a prime opportunity to share skills and knowledge with one another.


3. You can keep up-to-date with business trends


By meeting other professionals around the globe, you can broaden your horizons and learn important lessons. Through financial roadshows and meetings in various countries, you are provided with the tools to keep up-to-date with business trends and developments.


4. Motivation will increase


Networking with new people and being in a different environment can spark a new sense of motivation and creativity. By having the chance to escape from your daily routine, you could return to your office with a new sense of motivation, ready to take on new challenges.


5. You can open new doors


One of the greatest things about attending business roadshows, and why they are so endearingly popular, is that they bring a wealth of opportunities. These could be invitations to other workshops and events, or increasing your visibility and making other investors aware of your company. Networking begets networking.

Financial roadshow checklist


Here are a few things you need to remember when attending a financial roadshow:

  • Take business cards: Your business cards should reflect your brand and have all the necessary and correct information. Make sure to hand these out and collect other people's too.
  • Your aims: Before the event, ensure you know what you want to accomplish with the meeting. Introducing yourself clearly and adopting a professional and friendly approach will help you achieve your goals. Remember that people need to leave knowing who you are, what your company does, and what your company is called if you want it to be a successful endeavour.
  • Know what you're selling: It’s essential that you don't over complicate the way you talk about what you're trying to sell. Practice an ‘elevator pitch’ to succinctly make your point and hook their attention from the start, before going into more detail.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile: Although it's helpful having business cards, many people tend to prefer connecting online. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date. If you plan on connecting, make sure you charge your phone too.

If you are planning a financial roadshow in the future, contact us for a quote. Here at Driven Worldwide, we have provided chauffeur services for financial roadshows for 10 years. We handle over 10,000 roadshows every year, so you can count on us to deliver a high-quality service.

The UK boasts a variety of unique conference venues, all offering different experiences. London is home to many of these, being the UK’s financial, legal and cultural hub.

It comes as no surprise that London’s conference sector is booming, with a large majority of businesses’ headquarters based there. So whatever your next conference is, you’ll be able to find a venue that suits your company’s needs and budget.

The following are London’s top five business venues for conferences.

1. The Brewery

Located in the heart of the City of London, The Brewery, unsurprisingly, started life as a brewery. It’s now recognised and well connected for corporate events, and is popular among financial organisations and emerging tech companies.

Eight spaces are available in different sizes and variety, allowing from 30 to 1,800 delegates. It boasts modern facilities and high-spec digital technology. Each room is adaptable and comes with its own personality, ensuring there’s something for every event.

2. Congress Centre

The Congress Centre is a great all-round option for conferences, offering fantastic value for money. It’s city-centre based and great for those with a defined budget. But there’s more to offer than just its hire price, with it recently benefiting from a complete refurbishment. It has 16 air-conditioned rooms, most with natural light.

3. One Great George Street

Located in the heart of the City, One Great George Street is the headquarters of the Institution of Civil Engineers. It’s been available for hire as a conference venue for nearly 30 years, and the building has been part of London’s streets for over a century. Perfect for all types of event organisers, it’s renowned for its high-quality standards and service.

4. Royal College of Physicians

The headquarters of the Royal College of Physicians look great externally, are internally luxurious, and they offer a unique and memorable venue for any conference. The building is rich in history yet designed for modern needs, and is an award-winning, number 1 listed building. It offers purpose-designed facilities, perfect for use with conferences.


Often described as ‘the collective voice of architecture’, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has recently established itself as one of London’s premier conference venues. It offers a professional venue and will certainly serve a memorable experience.

If you’re in need of a business class car service to transport you to your conference, book with Driven Worldwide.

Chauffeur services come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know what to look for when it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff.

At minimum, you should expect a chauffeur service to make travelling from a to b simple and stress-free.  However, if you expect a little more, we suggest looking for a business that can tick the boxes listed below to offer a first-rate, high-quality chauffeur service.


First class communication

Travel plans don’t always run smoothly, and if you are running late or your plans change, it is more important than ever that the chauffeur service you’ve chosen is professional, flexible, unflappable and easy to contact.  At Driven Worldwide we ensure that your calls are always picked up first time, even if your chauffeur is not available to answer his phone.  If your chauffeur can’t take your call, someone from our project management team will pick up your call no matter what the time of the night or day using our ChauffeurCall telephone system.



Whether you’re travelling to a business meeting or to the airport, if you book a chauffeur service then you expect to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, unruffled, refreshed and ready for whatever the day throws at you next, so a comfortable ride is essential.


Professional vehicle

Travelling in style is all part of the appeal of a chauffeur service.  A first-class service will offer vehicles that aren’t only practical for the job and comfortable for passengers, but that also look the part and are clean and well maintained too.


Experienced chauffeurs

As important as comfort and style are, it’s often the people that make or break a service, so a high-quality chauffeur service always invests in the most experienced and professional drivers.  At Driven Worldwide we ensure that you are always dealing with chauffeurs who have expert local knowledge of the area you are travelling within.  This means that not only will they know the best shortcuts and places to park to make your travel time quicker and more efficient, but they can also help with local recommendations.


Specialist services

A high-quality chauffeur service will be able to adapt their service to suit your particular set of requirements.  At Driven Worldwide we offer different vehicle types for different needs, as well as a range of specialist professional services like conference transportation, high security travel and managed projects for more complex journeys.


Established company

Choosing a well-established chauffeur company can be a safer bet than opting for a brand new business.  Established companies that have been around a long time have withstood the test of time and had plenty of time to grow and improve on the service that they offer.


At Driven Worldwide we are an established and award-winning chauffeur company operating in over 1,500 locations around the world, you can count on us to offer you a high-quality service every time. To receive a free quote for your journey give us a call on 020 3848 5102.